About Us

Mansfield Elementary and Newton County Schools Vision Statement

Our VISION is for all students to be well-rounded and prepared for the future.

Mansfield Elementary and Newton County Schools Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide educational excellence for ALL students! Our non-negotiable goals are increased student achievement and more effective teaching.


About Our School

Mansfield Elementary School is a fully accredited school since 1975 by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. It is a public rural school housing Pre-K through 5th grade classes. It is located in a natural setting away from the mainstream of suburban Atlanta, in the small town of Mansfield, Georgia. Agriculture, small businesses, and light industry serve the area; however, most parents commute to jobs outside the immediate school area. Recently, small subdivisions and homes are replacing previous farmland.

Mansfield Elementary School experiences a high level of community involvement, including community volunteers, Partners in Education, and the PTO. The school's motto, "We Are Family", reflects the close, caring atmosphere of our school community. With its long history of serving the community, Mansfield Elementary School receives excellent parent and community support. Seven businesses, civic and community organizations are currently formal Partners in Education. Numerous volunteers, parents and business partners assist with school programs such as tutors, clinic workers, clerical aides and chaperones, etc… Many of Mansfield Elementary School special activities are designed to encourage community involvement. These include our annual book parade, Veteran's Day observance, curriculum fair, awards programs, and local field trips. Youth serving organizations such as Boy Scouts are granted use of the facilities. One of the local churches has helped house the summer reading program.

Facility Overview

Mansfield Elementary School completed a major building project ($2.7 million) in 1998 that included both additions and renovations. New classrooms, media center, cafeteria, kitchen and an office area were added and renovated space was utilized to create art, music and special education classrooms. In 2003 an additional 14 classrooms were added.

Instructional Overview

The instructional program at Mansfield Elementary School supports grade-level teams of teachers who collaborate to provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences and activities for all students. Textbooks are state approved and are adopted system-wide. State and locally approved curriculum objectives provide the structure for instruction in math, reading, writing, spelling, science, social studies and health. An instructional assistance program helps selected students daily in targeted areas of curriculum study. Physical education, music and art education are offered throughout the week to all students in grades Pre-K through the fifth grade. Students in the fifth grade participate in the CHAMPS and 4-H programs.




Mansfield Elementary School 1885-2003

First school built - Center Grove Academy - one room log house


Second school built - three room green clapboard house


Mansfield High School built - five rooms and an auditorium


First graduating class - two students


Ten grades - 215 students and six teachers


Hayston School consolidated with Mansfield School


Eleventh grade added


Annex built


Parent Teacher Association organized


Pine Grove School consolidated with Mansfield School


Lunch program started


Water fountains added


Indoor restrooms added


Last year as an independent school system


Last graduation of Mansfield High School


Newborn School consolidated with Mansfield (eight grades)


New school building constructed and gymnasium remodeled


Gymnasium destroyed by fire


Present building expanded


Grades six, seven and eight dropped


New gymnasium constructed


Extensive addition and renovation completed ($2.7 million)


Fourteen additional classrooms added, playground upgraded and second playground added