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2022-2023 Mansfield Title I Parent and Student Handbook
2022-2023 Mansfield Title 1 Parent and Student Handbook - Spanish

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Parent Information Guide and Student Code of Conduct (Spanish)

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Important Information

Parents/guardians are welcome as visitors in Newton County schools, as respectful partnerships among students, staff, parents, and the community are integral to student success.  Yet, safety and security are at the forefront of our minds due to continued security concerns on school campuses.  For safety reasons and for safeguarding instructional time in the classroom, all visitors are required to report to the front office upon entering the school building.  

All visitors will be required to sign in and obtain a visitor’s pass from the front office.  Parents/guardians who wish to visit in their child’s classroom must make arrangements with the principal in advance of the requested visit.  At the completion of the visit, visitors are asked to return to the front office to sign out.

We ask parents to drop their students off at the front doors of the school using the car rider line and remain in their vehicles.  Parents/guardians will not be able to escort students to the classroom.  The safety of our students and staff is our priority; all students and staff deserve a safe, positive, and supportive environment.  We are looking forward to the 2023‐2024 school year and thank you for your continued support.

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Principal's Message

Welcome to Mansfield Elementary School FAMILY. Our goal is to provide your child the best educational experience we can. We will work to ensure that every student has access to the same knowledge and opportunities for success, no matter the classroom.

As we begin the 2023-2024 school year, we understand the learning loss suffered during the past few years. All of our staff are working to overcome these losses so our students can learn at high levels and reach their potential.

Our teachers are collaborating in teams to ensure they are looking at data to guide their instruction. We have to know where our students are to get them where they need to be.

We will continue to focus on our 3 B's. Mansfield will be on teaching our students to BE respectful, BE responsible, and BE safe. These apply to all parts of school: the classroom, playground, hallways, and buses. They can even be applied to doing homework. Help us teach our students how to be safe, respectful, responsible, and productive citizens. 

We are fortunate to have your support. Parents and stakeholders play a large role in the growth of our students. There will be opportunities to volunteer throughout the year. The students see this support and understand it is an investment in their lives. We look forward to an exciting school year and we are glad you will be with us.

Chris Haymore, Principal

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